automatic pvc and liquid silicone dispensing Gluing Machine

automatic pvc and liquid silicone dispensing Gluing Machine
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The dispensing Gluing Machine
Perfect programming support:
1. Humanized software design idea, easy for study and use.
2. Excellent compatibility, support many design software(including JD paint, Auto CAD, Coreidraw) and various file form-wt which generated. In addition, it also support scanning and teaching programming, without and limit on the graphic track planning.
3. Fast parameter setting and debugging, connection with PC, can amend the graphic immediately, and run it right now.

The gluing dropping machine can replace 4-6 skilled workers for filling the logo of the mold with the liquid material, like the silicone and pvc, etc. We have 8 colors and 12 colors, you can choose the suitable one you need, normally if you produce the pvc products, you can choose the 12 colors , and the silicone products, choose the 8 colors is ok.
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