LG Vertical screw pump for high viscosity fluids

LG Vertical screw pump for high viscosity fluids
Minhang District, Shanghai, 201108, China
Warranty:1 year


LG vertical mount Screw pump is volumetric rotor pump. It relies on the volume change of the sealing cavity formed by the screw (rotor) and the Bush (stator) to intake and discharge the liquid. The screw pump is divided into single screw pump, twin screw pump, three screw pump and five screw pump according to the number of screws. LG Vertical mount screw pump is for single screw pump with vertical installation.

screw pump have obvious advantages such as stable flow rate, small pressure fluctuation, self-priming ability, low noise, high efficiency, long life, reliable operation etc

Performance range

The Flow rate, working pressure, medium temperature and medium viscosity range of the single screw pump are as follows:

Flow rate range: 1 to 200 m3/h

Outlet pressure range: 0 to 2.4Mpa

Medium temperature range: -20deg C to 120deg C;

Specially designed to accommodate the highest temperature of 150deg C;

Medium viscosity range: 10~1000000cP, (maximum viscosity can reach 106 mm2/s)

Technical Features:

Wide medium adaptability- suitable to convey flowing materials or non flowing materials;

Suitable to convey various viscosity materials (maximum viscosity can reach up to 106 mm2/s);

Suitable to convey materials containing solid particles, fibers or suspended solids;

No agitation, no squeezing and sheering, suitable to convey materials with high shear sensitivity and easy to be damaged by centrifugal force;

Flow Rate adjustable (optional), almost no pulsation, can be used as metering pump;

Small vibration, low noise, continuous transportation without interruption;

The flow rate is proportional to the speed and has good variable regulation (optional)

Installation type can be vertical or horizontal or submersible type etc;

Strong self suction ability; under normal circumstances, the maximum depth of self-suction can reach 7 meters;

Simple structure and easy maintenance, maintenance process only require general toolbox;

Production Material: different metal and different rubber materials can be used for the pump production to fit for different job requirements;

Driven type: motor reducer driven type, VFD speed regulation type and mechanical speed regulation driven type;

Vertical Screw Pump Technical Features:

Vertical screw pump installation type such as base mounted type, wall mounted type, hoisting mounted type and barrel type;

Can be used in pools, wells, culverts and other places; installation length can be decided according to the job condition;
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