6-sides core-puller APG Clamping Machine

6-sides core-puller APG Clamping Machine
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Apr 18, 2019

6-sides core-puller APG Clamping Machine


This type machine called six sides machine,on top,bottom,right and left side all with core-pullers, and the core-pullers are controlled by hydraulic system,so it can move automatically.This machine special applicate to produce ZW32 circuit breaker.
Model No. HAPG-6-1000

clamp plate size can customized

clamp force 18T

Min Max clamp plate stroke 240*1250mm

Upper&lower core puller stroke 760*350mm

Heating power 24kw

hydraulic power pack 5.5kw

Horizontal tilting angle 0-5°

mould load weight 2T

Machine weight 5000KG

Machine dimension 3100*1300*2500mm
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