Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt
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Salt is the most common ingredient in our food, yet we never really pause to think about it or pick the best. Is it because we think there is no choice, except in the brands? Allow us to shed some light on this and introduce you to crystal salt (better known as Original Himalayan Crystal Salt).
Crystal salt is as old as the hills and its health enhancing properties have been extolled by Charaka, (the father of Ancient Indian herbal medicine, 2000 BC). This crystal salt reflects the wholeness, richness and purity of its source in underground salt deposits in the Himalayan region. When the ancient seas evaporated, these deposits were created under great pressure during the formation of the Himalayas hundreds of millions of years ago. Protected from pollutants and impurities by nature, the salt remains unrefined, untreated and free of additives. The large salt crystals are simply cut up, rinsed with water, sun dried naturally and ground into a fine powder.
This crystal salt can also be used as bath salt
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