50W 1.5KVDC Isolated Wide Input Voltage DC/DC Converters

50W 1.5KVDC Isolated Wide Input Voltage DC/DC Converters
Building No.3 ,Rui Fa Road No.15,Guangzhou Science City,510530 China
FOB price:50 - 100 Pieces: $25
Min. order:10 Pieces
Payment terms:TT
Sample price:$30 / Piece
Brand name:TOPPOWER
Model number:TP50DG
Dimensions per unit:50.8*50.8*12.7MM
Weight per unit:50G
Product certifications:CE
Warranty:2 years
Lead time:4-5WEEKS
HTS code:850440


The rated output power of TP50DG converters is 50W,the outline dimensions is "57.9*36.8*12.7"or "57.9*61*12.7, 2:1 input voltage range ,the voltage range is 9V-18V,18V-36V,36V-72V.The accuracy of the converter can reach ±1%,it can be widely used in telecommunications, railway transportation, instrument and etc.

50W output power 2:1 input voltage range Input under voltage protection
standard package Fixed switching frequency Super capability with capacitive load
Long term short-circuit protection Operating temperature: -40℃to 85℃ RoHs compliance
Part Number Input Voltage Output
voltage(VDC) Voltage(VDC) Current(A)
Rated Range values
TP50DG110S05 110(2:1) 66-160 5 10
TP50DG110S12 110(2:1) 66-160 12 4.15
TP50DG110S15 110(2:1) 66-160 15 3.35
TP50DG110S24 110(2:1) 66-160 24 2.1
TP50DG110S28 110(2:1) 66-160 28 1.79
TP50DG110S36 110(2:1) 66-160 36 1.39
TP50DG110S48 110(2:1) 66-160 48 1.04
Add suffix”/HS” for Heat sink,for example: TP50DG110S48/HS
Add suffix”B” for B package mechanical dimensions,for example:TP50DG110S48B
All specifications typical at TA=25°C, nominal input voltage and rated output current unless otherwise specified
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