kpu lady running bags making machine

kpu lady running bags making machine
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kpu lady running bags making the machine

KPU It is a very good material that replaces the traditional PVC and liquid silica gel, and the materials are cheap and the materials are environmentally friendly. With the continuous expansion and innovation of products, it has been widely used in related industries such as luggage, handbags, outdoor goods, and decoration.automatic kpu molding machine is the Fully automatic operation, the production efficiency is greatly improved, the rate of bad product is greatly reduced.

KPU Bag Cover Machine
Main Features:

1. Adopt the world advanced SOLIDE WORK 3D software and finite element analysis of mechanical design, the optimum design is integrally molded high rigidity, precise structure, long service life.

2. Heating plate adopts deep hole processing, and after carburizing, after grinding nit-riding, using the principle of heat, get the high precision, and the optimal design with average temperature, HRC50-55 hardness, long time wear-resisting, Not easy to be out of shape and it has high plane precision.

3. Using the technology of planar pressure correction, the maximum pressure(200KG) nut leveling device, the highest plane precision can reach 0.05 MM

4. Unique oil circuit design, the oil circuit nonimpact and low noise in operation, increase the effectiveness, reduce the energy consumption.

5. Using circulation radiation cooling device, to ensure good heat exchange, low oil temperature, long life hydraulic parts, stability forming.
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