JinYu 24 heads soft Pvc Mug dispensing Machine

JinYu 24 heads soft Pvc Mug dispensing Machine
Tiankengzai Road No.105 Xiangdong Industrial Zone Dalingshan Town Dongguan City Guangdong Province, 523000, China
Category:Rubber Product Making Machinery
JinYu 24 heads soft Pvc Mug dispensing Machine

Product Details:PVC mug dispenser
Related industries: PVC trademark,silica gel,button,zipper head,shoe flower,shoe upper,shoe sole,cloth shoe circumference,cup mattress,handicraft,key button,seal strip,watch band,bag sign,mobile phone seat,car mat,etc.

PVC products silicone products

Product Advantage
Main Feature:pvc label dispenser machine

PVC silicone dispenser

1.With automatic cleaning function.

2.Independent research and development, for silicone and PVC.

3.The minimum amount of up to 0.1g. no leakageglue, no bubbles.

4.Cast iron frame, high precision and not easy out of shape.

5.lmport servo motor, slide screwdriver, positioning control precision is about 0.01mm.

6. The working table has automatic heating to ensure product quality

7. One dispensing machine can replace 4-6 skilled workers, one worker can operate several machines.
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