High Air Pressure DTH Hammer Drilling Button Bits for Drill Rig

High Air Pressure DTH Hammer Drilling Button Bits for Drill Rig
Wujiagang Industrial Zone, Yichang, Hubei, 443000, China
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High Air Pressure DTH Hammer Drilling Button Bits for Drill Rig:
Model number: DTH Drilling Button Bits
Processing type: forging
Material: YK05 + alloy steel
Bit size: 3-12"
Shank length: 130-332mm
Bit diameter range: 78mm-345mm
Bit face shape: flat, concave, convex, drop central, or other as required
Carbide button shape: spherical (dome, round, ball), ballistic
Packing: 2 bits in a carton, with foam inside, 10 cartons in a wooden case, secured by steel tapes
Apply to: surface and underground mining, tunneling, geological exploration, quarries, dam construction, construction, water well
Please note that:
Numbers of air holes, bit diameter, number and shape of buttons, face shape, all can be customized

√ Standardization
All Wooke drilling tools are standardized and our DTH button bit shanks goes perfectly well with the famous brand such as Atlas Copco, Ingersoll-Rand, Sandvik

What makes Wooke products unique and unsurpassed?
With special heat treatment, our DTH button bits have a longer service life than other similar

Wooke Rock drill equipment company ltd established in 1995 is the top manufacturer of high air pressure DTH hammers and bits from China, who has its self-owned intellectual property and strong R and D capability, she also has employees exceeds 300, factory space more than 40000m2, experience more than 23 years
She is honorably developed and OEM the best rock drilling tools in China, which includes:
1. DTH hammers
2. DTH button bits
3. Top hammer rock tools: shank adapters, couplings, top hammer bits
4. Various eccentric and symmetric system
5. Reverse circulation hammers and bits
6. Drill pipes
7. Adapters: box-pin, box-box, pin-pin
Wooke's DTH button bits size assortment
Bit size DTH bits diameter Shank type of DTH bits
2", 2.5" 76mm-80mm CWG76, BR2, DHD2.5N
3", 3.5" 90mm-105mm COP34 (DHD3.5, IR3.5), Mission 30, BR3, Mach 33, Wooke30
4" 105mm-130mm COP44 (DHD340, IR4), DHD340N, Mission40, QL40, SD4, BR4, Mach44, TD40, Wooke 40
5" 133mm-152mm COP54 (DHD350, DHD350R), DHD350N, Mission50, SD5, QL50, QL50N, Wooke50
6" 152mm-254mm COP64 (DHD360, IR6), DHD360N, Mission60, SD6, QL60, QL60N, Wooke60
8" 194mm-305mm COP84, DHD380, DHD380N, Mission80, SD8, QL80, QL80N, Wooke 80
10" 240mm-311mm Wooke 100
12" 305mm-445mm Wooke 120
*Face design and button type and diameter all can be customer made, please contact our sales for more information
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