6 zones walk through metal detector

6 zones walk through metal detector
No.3, Wusong Road, Yuwu Industrial Zone, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.China
Warranty1 year
HTS code8543709100
CategoryAccess Control System
1. Exclusive global shockproof design, standing in the middle of the door, hand shot on both sides of the door, the door will not be false positives. The use of advanced synthetic materials manufacturing process, fire-proof, moisture-proof. Can set multiple sets of operating frequency, so that multiple devices side by side adjacent work, do not interfere with each other.
2. Products are divided into six zones, suspicious objects can be accurately displayed in each area. High-brightness digital display panel, sound and light at the same time alarm, automatic statistics through the number of people and the number of alarm, take 100 people mark 100 people, not more than or less. Two rows of LED post lamp, you can visually display the alarm location, sound and light alarm at the same time.
3. Precise detection of the size of the paper clip metal, will not be missed and reported. Can also rule out the impact of belt buckle, shoes, bra, etc., to detect more than 150 grams of copper, aluminum, zinc and other metal or control tools and guns. Sensitivity can be adjusted according to need, a total of one hundred sensitivity.
4. Optional remote control parameters can be controlled. Parameters can be password protected, so that unauthorized personnel can not operate. Reserved communication interface, can be connected with the computer, camera, three rollers.
5. In line with international standards, the heart pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, magnetic media and other harmless Applicable to bus stations, railway stations, large-scale performances, activities, exhibitions and other security checks and prohibited items inspection areas. With the integrated design, only 20 minutes to install or disassemble is completed, equipped with a random installation and commissioning instructions.
6. For a variety of use of the environment of electromagnetic interference, the entire system uses the world's most advanced electromagnetic compatibility design, and the use of DSP processor for prohibited items of sampling signals related to the operation and filtering, making the whole set of equipment has a strong electromagnetic interference ability.

Commercial buildings
Government buildings
Military installations
Security checkpoints
Post office

Technical parameter specification
Channel size: 2000mm (high) 700mm (width) 500mm (deep)
Dimensions: 2220mm (high) 800mm (width) 500mm (deep)
Power: AC215V ~ 230V 50HZ ~ 60HZ
Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ +55 ℃
Power: <35W
Weight: about 85 kg
Transmission frequency: 3.27 ~ 15MHZ
Pass rate:> 60 person / min
Meet the standard: GB15210-2003 "through the metal detection gate general technical specifications" national standard
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