Handheld metal detector

Handheld metal detector
No.3, Wusong Road, Yuwu Industrial Zone, Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.China
Warranty:1 year
HTS code:8543709100
Category:Other Security & Protection Products


1.equipped with holster, easy to carry.
2.With sound, vibration switch, suitable for different environmental work.
3.With charging function, charging time is 4-6 hours (charger separately).
4.Alarm sound and light alarm, vibration light alarm, flexible choice of mode of operation.
5.High sensitivity, it is easy to detect a pin size metal objects.
6.Low battery voltage warning function.
7.The detector sensitivity is mainly determined by the size, shape and composition of the object being detected.

01. Airports,
02. Transport terminals,
03. Buildings,
04. Customs / Border / Government
05. Courthouses,
06. Embassies,
07. Military installations,
08. Prisons,
09. Convention centers,
10. Security checkpoints
11. Special events location

Technical Parameters:

Overall dimensions: Length 410mm x 85mm x 45mm
Working Power: Standard 9v laminated alkaline batteries, or rechargeable batteries
Alarm mode: sound and light or vibration light alarm
Working voltage: 7-9 volts
Working current: <50MA
Working range: 10cm
Weight: 336g
Gross weight: 450g
Working frequency: 22KHz
Maximum sensitivity: knife 15cm, blade 10cm
Operating temperature: -30 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
Packing size: 450mm (length) 225mm (width) 445mm (height)
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