Under vehicle surveillance system

Under vehicle surveillance system
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Apr 25, 2019
The under vehicle inspection system mainly detects the bottoms of various vehicles, and can quickly and accurately find prohibited articles and illegal smuggling and escaping persons hidden in the bottom of the vehicle, which is faster and more accurate than the conventional under vehicle inspection mirror, and greatly improves the inspection speed and accuracy to reduce the investment in human resources.
1. Government agencies, customs, airports, prisons, troops, embassies, nuclear power plants, garages, oil depots, large-scale conference venues, important buildings, various types of competition venues, and others need to carry out safety inspections of vehicles entering and exiting.
2. Check the entrance and exit of large-scale events and exhibitions for safety inspection of vehicles.
3. for security, explosion-proof, safety inspection of the bottom of the vehicle.

System software:
1. using black and white linear array CCD scanning technology dynamic imaging;
2. chassis storage or loading time: <1 second;
3. the vehicle image display mode: large-format horizontal display;
4. chassis image storage format: standard BMP image format or JPEG;
5. system interface language: can be customized;
6. display resolution: adapt to a variety of display resolution;
7. vehicle image data transmission interface: network RJ45;
8. scene image display: ≥ 1 route;
9. image retrieval function test: According to the date, time, license plate number and other information to retrieve the stored vehicle bottom and license plate image.
10. vehicle image resolution: 12000 × 6144
11. Automatic shooting of vehicle bottom image: When the vehicle passes through the vehicle bottom scanner at a speed of 1-60km/h, the system displays the image within 1s after the vehicle passes through it. When the vehicle is stationary within the image collection area of the vehicle bottom scanner, After the time passes through the vehicle scanner, the image of the vehicle bottom is displayed in its entirety.
12. automatic image storage&delete function: Save no less than 10,000 pictures, for the automatic deletion of expired pictures.
13. Image quality adjustment function: It can produce saturation, contrast, equalization and sharpening adjustments on the image of vehicle bottom or license plate, and enlargement and reduction processing, and the magnification is up to 16 levels, and can enlarge and display the part.

Under Vehicle Image Scanners, Control Equipment, and Environmental Adaptability
1. scanning mode: linear scan, touch coil trigger;
2. through the speed: 1-60km / h, recommended ≤ 30km / h;
3. field of view angle: ≥ 170 degrees
4. the image vertical resolution: 2048 pixels CCD;
5. scanner data cable: 100 meters; (customizable length)
6. lighting components: four single sealed LED surface light; life: 50000h
7. Under Vehicle Image Scanner: It adopts open wide-field vehicle bottom image acquisition technology design;
8. working voltage: DC24V;
9. System power supply: AC110-240V/50-60Hz.
10. structural design: monomer seal design;
11. bearing weight: 50T
12. Scanner size: 1200*350*210mm
13. scanner weight: 180kg
14. the ambient temperature: -20 degrees - +60 degrees

System host and monitor:
1. monitor: 22-inch true color LCD display
2. CPU: INTEL Core quad-core processor
3. motherboard: dedicated motherboard
4. memory: DDR3, more than 4GB
5. hard disk: 500G high-speed hard disk
6. video card: DDR3, 192BIT independent graphics card
7. appearance: stainless steel composite material
8. working voltage: AC220V 50/60Hz
9. working current: 3A
10. working temperature: -20 °C ~ 60 °C

License plate recognition system (domestic only)
1. standard license plate recognition module, can be extended to 2 or more routes;
2. single-character recognition accuracy: ≥ 99%;
3. the average recognition time: <20ms;
4. the entire card recognition accuracy: ≥ 95%
5. license plate image allows horizontal tilt angle: -10 ~ +10 degrees;
6. Recognition accuracy of characters (excluding Chinese characters): ≥93%
7. video signal to noise ratio> 48db