Vehicle and cargo inspection system

Vehicle and cargo inspection system
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Warranty:1 year
HTS code:9022199090
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BG-XCJ500 is a small-sized vehicle inspection system. It is independently developed by Guangdong Binggong Security Equipment Co.,Ltd.Designed for the inspection needs of small passenger vehicles (including small buses). The system uses advanced high energy, low radiation X-ray scanning technology can quickly determine whether or not dangerous goods and contraband are contained in vehicles, such as weapons, explosives, and drugs,smuggled goods etc.
BG-XCJ500 can be installed in the parking lot entrance, road traffic inspection point, customs clearance, border inspection, major government entrances and exits, large-scale activity venues, and important infrastructure, conduct a safety inspection of the vehicle. BG-XCJ500 Completely complies with the national&international radiation safety requirement that there is no need for external radiation protection to protect the safety of operators, drivers, passengers and bystanders.
The system can be flexibly constructed according to customer requirements and the existing conditions of the installation site, and can also be integrated with the vehicle inspection system to realize the vehicle carries out safety checks in all directions.

Leading advantage
Pass-through scanning: Passage scanning of passenger vehicles allows passengers and drivers to stay in the vehicle during the scanning process.control by the driver,no need extra transport.
Small occupation of land: The BG-XCJ500 has a small occupation of land and does not require additional base construction.
Dual-energy imaging: The BG-XCJ500 performs brake material identification and can distinguish organic, inorganic and hard-to-penetrate metal objects. can helps operators quickly identify all kinds of dangerous goods.
Radiation safety: BG-XCJ500 can ensure the radiation safety of drivers and passengers (according to ANSI 43.17 international standards), while the camera equipped with the system can identify the surrounding environment and avoid scanning people outside the security screening target.
Optional features: automatic car identification, vehicle detection system.

Technical indicators:
Channel size: 3 (wide) * 3 (high) meters
Scanning speed: 5~10 kilometers per hour
Typical throughput: 100 vehicles/hour
Penetration: typical 45mm steel, 25mm steel for application
Wire resolution : Diameter 1.2mm copper wire
Absorbed dose: less than 0.2μsv single scan
Fenced dose: Less than 0.5μsv in public area Meets IAEA standards
Power Consumption: Max 2KVA
Operator Station: 24-inch Single Console
X-ray generator (dual energy)
X ray generator: 200kv
Beam Direction: Side Illumination

Operating environment
Operating temperature/humidity: 5°C~40°C/0%~90%(humidity)
Storage temperature/humidity: -23°C~60°C/10%~90%(humidity)
Power requirements: 220VAC (±10%) 50±3Hz (optional: 100VAC, 110VAC, 120VAC, 200VAC)

Operator protection :password login.;
vehicle information list, data query, user management, real-time curve, playback, etc.
Image function: color / black and white, increase, over increase, reverse color, organic removal / inorganic removal, brightening / dimming, zoom in / zoom out;
Real-time video, real-time capture (custom);
Organic&inorganic color image display;
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