Water Soluble Sewing Thread

Water Soluble Sewing Thread
Airport Economic Zoon, Tianjin, 300000, China
Min. order:1000 kg
Brand name:BonLon
Model number:BL011
Packaging:PP bag or carton.


Spun water soluble sewing threads are produced by spinning together of the imported polyvinylformal
fiber from Japan into a single ply. Two or more plies are twisted to make a thread of the desired size.
Water soluble sewing thread suitable for patchwork basting,
stickingcloth, clothing folds, pleats, cuffs, pockets of all categories of satin
stitch sewing use
Yarn count: Ne20/1,40/1, 45/1, 50/1, 60/1,80/1, 100/1, 20/2, 40/2
Dissolving Temperature: 20,40,70,90
Usage: Recommended/Usual Products
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