automatic soft pvc slider zip head pressing machine

automatic soft pvc slider zip head pressing machine
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3 Heads PVC USB Case Pressing Machine
The PVC USB case pressing machine is for making plastic USB case, zipper puller etc. With PLC touch screen, can set the specifications at the PLC, it's very convenient. The machine with heating press and cooling press functions, 2 workstations are the heating press ,and one workstation is cooling press, when produce the products, first put into the heating press, then put into the cooling press, and finally finished the products.The machine with low power. about 2.4 KW, can save the electricity.

Production Process of soft pvc slider zip head:

pvc2 face

1,mixing the pvc and pigments by using the mater mixing machine.

2,put the treated pvc material into the color-matching machine for mixing the pvc and pigments.

3,put the mixture (pvc and pigments)into the vacuum barrel(with stirring),in order to deflate.

4,put the final material into the dispensing machine and fill the mold.

5,put the mold (with filling by pvc) into the baking machine with cooling part.

6,using the pressing machine to press the mold .
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