JUA automatic silicone rubber cutting machine

JUA automatic silicone rubber cutting machine
Tiankengzai Road No.105 Xiangdong Industrial Zone Dalingshan Town Dongguan City Guangdong Province, 523000, China
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JUA automatic silicone rubber cutting machine
Features about our solid silicon cutting machine
1, slice of high precision. Can save the cost of the raw material price cuts.
2, low noise!
3, security before turret equipped with a safety tailgate, but there is also an "electronic eye" for all action as long as the security file from bit machine pop-up alarm screen prompts with reset machine.
4, slices accuracies 0.01mm (the machine best state).
5, three sections of the length and speed of settings, maybe single-use first use can also be combined with.
6, the cutting can utilize the number of control downtime can also be manually stopped.
Application of solid silicon cutting machine
solid silicon cutting machine is used for the cutting of rubber, plastic, foam, plastic film, flexible packaging, pipes, textiles, fibers, ministerial, polymer materials, composite materials, synthetic materials, packing tape, paper, wire and cable, optical fiber cable, seat belts,seat belt, leather belts, footwear, tape, polymers, and other non-metallic material is subjected to a tensile, compression, bending, tearing, 90 ° peel, 180 ° peel, shear, and adhesion, the pullout force, extendselongation and other tests.
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