Ferro Silicon Barium Alloys Inoculant FeSiBa SiBa

Ferro Silicon Barium Alloys Inoculant FeSiBa SiBa
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Ferro Silicon Barium ( FeSiBa ) is a kind of good deoxidizer and desulfurizer.
1. Deoxidization ability strong, Good molten steel flow, Completely solve the problem of the nodular casting nozzle.
2. Significantly improve the recovery rate of the silicon, manganese, etc. Reduce the addition amount of carbon powder.
3. The desulfurization effect is obvious, Shortening the period of steelmaking.


1.Wide range of application, Can part instead of deoxidizing agent in steelmaking, Eg: aluminum wire, silicon barium aluminum, ferro silicon aluminum, the calcium silicon wire, etc.
2.Easy to use, simple operation, Don’t need to add any auxiliary equipment.


Grade Chemical Composition (%)
Ba Si Al C
≥(Min) ≤(Max)
FeSi50Ba30 30 50 3 0.3
FeSi40Ba25 25 40 3 0.3
FeSi45Ba20 20 45 3 0.3
FeSi50Ba15 15 50 3 0.3
FeSi55Ba10 10 55 3 0.2
FeSi60Ba5 5 60 2 0.2
FeSi65Ba2 2 65 2 0.2

The specification,packaging and granular size can be produce according to customer demand.
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