JinYu soft pvc patch oven machine

JinYu soft pvc patch oven machine
Tiankengzai Road No.105 Xiangdong Industrial Zone Dalingshan Town Dongguan City Guangdong Province, 523000, China
CategoryRubber Product Making Machinery
Custom pvc patch oven machine

Intelligent power saving
Hot new products in the industry
pvc energy-saving oven
Super cost-effective energy saving oven
1.Warm-up function2.Heating rate:10 min3.Double station: One operator4.Power: 1kwh (customer test)
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1.The mold is baked through the operation interface of the integrated machine. The time can be adapted according to the actual conditions. The temperature can be preheated in advance, and the mold is automatically cooled, the operation is simple, and the manpower is stored.
2.The mold cooling area is cooled by the water pump spray water circulation, so that water will not splash into the product area.
3.The upper temperature of the machine is maintained by vacuum heating tube, and the down temperature is heated by heating tube, which is stable in temperature, more energy saving and energy saving.4.The frame passes the square-pass profile welding structure and the sheet metal is painted.5.The cooling groove is made of 1.5t stainless steel plates and is not easy to trust.

The PVC label machine can be used to make various PVC/silicon products: Photo frame/ key chain /luggage tag /key covers / lighter covers/mouse mat/ hair clip/ brooch/ mugs/ refrigerator magnets/ coasters/ bar mat/ table mat/bottle opener/ antislip mat/ door card/ USB flash disk cover/ card reader cover/ mobile phone straps / mobile phone holder/mobile cleaner/ mobile phone cover/ file clamp/ pen container etc.
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