Silicone Multicolored Phone Cover Injection Machine

Silicone Multicolored Phone Cover Injection Machine
Tiankengzai Road No.105 Xiangdong Industrial Zone Dalingshan Town Dongguan City Guangdong Province, 523000, China
Category:Rubber Product Making Machinery
JINYU Machinery is specialized in developing and manufacturing PVC/silicone automatic dispenser machine for cup coaster, keycaps, phone holders, cartoon USB drives, luggage tags, refrigerator magnets, photo frames,
Bookmarks ect. Our machine can be also produced plastic garment accessories such as PVC labels, silicone labels and zipper
Pullers.JINYU Machine can be widely applied in advertisements, gifts, garments, electronics, electrical appliances,
Hardware, stationery, cars accessory, computer accessory, toys, fashion gift, ETC.

Product Advantage:
The specifications of our machines can be customized depending on the needs of customers. We will help clients to locate the most suitable machines.
Dispenser can assume repeated precise positioning of the dispensing work. Normal production, the dispenser needle, and the mold are not in contact with the height of the mold can be adjusted according to the need, dispenser dispensing speed adjustable, the amount of plastic can be adjusted, no need to fill the mold, Thickness uniform without trimming.
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