Concrete Spacers Machine

Concrete Spacers Machine
Chengguan Industrial Park(Donghuan Road), Huaxian, Xinxiang, Henan, 456400, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Brick Making Machinery


Concrete Spacers Machine

1.The key of the new high-intelligent concrete spacer machine is: [only two workers], you can do all the work, from feeding, mixing, production to placing the blocks on the site. Concrete spacer machine: the daily 20# spacer support production of two workers is 110,000 to 120,000. Advanced machine replaces the manual labor of workers to reduce the capital for employment. According to statistics, the cost of spacer materials is 2.8-3.0 cents, and the wages of workers are 200 CNY/Day. production rate of the Concrete spacer machine is particularly high, especially for the production of small spacers, and the demoulding effect is surprisingly good, saving 30,000 CNY per month, comparing with other machines.

2. High-intelligent automatic concrete spacer machine, Easy to produce and manage, is not affected by workers' ideological emotions, works continuously, reduces investment in production management, increases production, effectively reduces cement block cost, and win strong market competitiveness.

3. The investment in the advanced high-intelligent automatic concrete spacer machine is greater than that of the ordinary concrete spacer machine. The amount of money invested is much less than the labor cost of using the ordinary concrete spacer machine in the future; that is to say, buy the stacker and invest more on the machine at the beginning; buy a regular concrete spacer machine is bought, and more money is sent to workers in the future.
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