Concrete Cover Block Machine

Concrete Cover Block Machine
Chengguan Industrial Park(Donghuan Road), Huaxian, Xinxiang, Henan, 456400, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Brick Making Machinery
Concrete Cover Block Machine

This equiment mainly produces various concrete spacer, special-shaped concrete spacer, Reinforced protective cushion block and so on, which are mainly used for cast-in-place buildings, highway, railway, bridge and ancient buildings, reinforced concrete protective layer spacer, beam support, reinforcing bar spacing standard pad support and so on.

The mold of cover block machine adopts professional manganese steel plate line cutting technology, which can effectively control the thickness of the cover block.

High strength, good adhesion to concrete, to ensure that there is no defraying.

Simple operation, save labor and money, widely used in building, road, bridge, tunnel, airport, subway and other civil construction.

The materials needed for the cover block: stone powder, slag, coal gangue, mineral waste residue,
lime sand, fly ash, gravel, tailings, sand, construction waste can be ground and mixed with a small amount of cement!
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