Concrete Cover Machine

Concrete Cover Machine
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Concrete Cover Machine

The water-permeable cover blocks machine adopts hydraulic transmission, the operation is smooth and reliable, the hydraulic pressure is combined with the high efficiency vibration forming, the block quality is good.

Reasonable raw material ratio can produce high strength standard cover blocks, after forming, can stack immediately.

Main Features

Fully automatic,hydraulic,Mitsubishi PLC control

New type smaller ,but capacity lager,low invest

Make different kinds of Special stealth cover blocks for Bridges, High strength reinforced concrete cover block, Concrete steel protective bedding cover block, The bridge is in the shape of a plum (butterfly) cover blocks etc.

Concrete cover machine is one of the Qingzhong machinery, cover block machine equipment, the equipment structure is simple and practical, outlook is novel and attractive, in addition to produce permeable cover blocks, it is particularly suited to the production of standard cover blocks, replacement of mold can produce many kinds of cover blocks.

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