Cement Blocks Making Machine

Cement Blocks Making Machine
Chengguan Industrial Park(Donghuan Road), Huaxian, Xinxiang, Henan, 456400, China
Warranty1 year
CategoryBrick Making Machinery
Cement Blocks Making Machine

1. The pad block with high strength is made of special formula after long-term test, and its final compression strength reaches 70MPA, which is not easy to break. Its practicability is much higher than that of the pad block with other materials.

2. Block durable high materials used in the same as the concrete performance, strong adhesion, consistent expansion coefficient, and even steam curing does not produce clearance, can merge with concrete as a whole, to prevent air, rain, water and other causes of reinforcement corrosion and concrete falls off, no mortar and the plastic pad of sorrows, greatly improving the security of the durability of the reinforced concrete.

3. The protective layer of the pad block is highly precise. The external dimensions of the high-strength concrete pad block are precise and engraved with the steel seal of the protective layer, which is completely different from the randomness of the mortar pad block.

4, pad block demoulding without color difference pad block and template contact surface small stability, after demoulding without "patch" the same sense of integrity, especially suitable for fair-faced concrete structure.

5. Use environment-friendly materials with low total alkali content.
6. Low cost.
7. Easy and quick construction.
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