AROJET Side-jetting Industrial Digital Variable Data UV Inkjet Printer – C3

AROJET Side-jetting Industrial Digital Variable Data UV Inkjet Printer – C3
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AROJET Side-jetting Industrial Digital Variable Data UV Inkjet Printer – C3
Product Oerview

Side-jetting inkjet printing system C3 is a unique-designed AROJET model, which is specialized in inkjet printing on the side of carton, large packaging case and large packaging bag, and supporting the printing of date code, serial No., variable QR code, barcode, etc. Side-jetting types include single side jetting, double side jetting, side jetting + downward jetting. It requires hand feed and collection. The speed and width of the platform can be adjusted according to actual production demand.
We plan and design a whole online or offline solutions for our customers. The equipment can be either installed in the production line at the customer factory site or be configured an additional appropriate platform to meet our customer different requirements.
With its particular side-jetting function, model C3 has been favored by many customers and received high praise from our customers.

Product Features

? Side-jetting printing, unique function.
? Good printing effect with high definition.
? UV-LED curing ink to reduce ink loss.
? Better ink control system to keep smooth ink road and easy maintenance.
? Patented software,more user-friendly interface.
? Customization for customers with both online and offline design.

Product Applications

Can be installed online in the platforms as below:
◇ Packaging machine
◇ Packaging equipment for sugar industry
◇ Rice packaging machine
◇ Salt packaging machine
◇ Livestock feed packaging equipment
◇ Fertilizer packaging equipment

Can be applied to a wide range of industries as below:
◇ Carton
◇ Large packaging box, large packaging bag
◇ QR code, barcode, regulatory code, date code
◇ Food, beverage and wine
◇ Drug and health care product
◇ Livestock feed, seed and fertilizer

Print Head

Industrial-grade piezoelectric print head belongs to high precision product of microelectronics. Model C3 side jetting inkjet printing system adopts KONICA whole steel nozzle with long service life. The nozzle features unique anti-blocking and automatic exhaust functions, to ensure that the blocking of nozzle and the breaking of ink are not occurred. The print head is a fully enclosed design, waterproof and anti-aging. The nozzle uses automatic positive-pressure cleaning, making daily maintenance easier and more convenient.

The printing speed of model C3 is up to 45m/min. with 360dpi of lengthways printing precision and up to 1200dpi of crosswise printing precision. It can meet customer requirement for single carton fed inkjet printing.

Printing Software

MagicData software used for side jetting inkjet printing machine model C3 has powerful functions and flexible applications. MagicData’s efficient and streamlined variable data printing workflow integrates multiple advanced technologies to enable users to achieve accurate and vivid variable data printing. The software provides interface to support the second development, which can be customized according to customer requirement. It is widely applied to the industries of food, wine, livestock feed and fertilizer for inkjet printing on carton and big packaging bag.
※ Create main interface with intuitive preview
※ Support to load data source file
※ Combine and separate
※ Template management
※ Flexible layout design tools

Printing Ink

Side jetting model C3 uses high-quality UV ink which features fast drying, friction resistance and scratch resistance. The ink has good printing adaptability, suitable curing speed and excellent adhesion. UV ink does not include VOC substances and does not need solvent to be added in so it can keep stable temperature during use to make the ink road smooth and non-blocking, reducing waste and improving the production efficiency.
AROJET attaches great importance to the ink safety, provides MSDS report of the ink and conducts regular SGS testing for the inks.
※ Zero pollution, environmental-friendly.
※ Saving ink and improving efficiency.
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