Fiber Fractionating screen

Fiber Fractionating screen
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Category:Paper Processing Machinery


To screen roughly or finely waste paper pulp and to select pulp before paper-making machine.
In the machine the up-flow structure is applied ,where pulp is entered from the bottom,weight
dregs are discharged from the bottom and light dregs are discharged from the top.
1. It can be equipped with various forms of rotors according to the nature of the pulp stock.
2. It can be equipped with various forms of sieve drums, such as plain weave and corrugated sieve drums, and so on.
3. It is easy to clean, adjust, examine and disassemble the sieve drum and rotor.
4. The pulp is fed from the upper part and from the low part, avoiding the cross.
5. The steady base and open design can cause that the belts, belt pulleys and positioning bolts is easy to maintain and replace.
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