Anti-counterfeiting variable data inkjet printer-X1

Anti-counterfeiting variable data inkjet printer-X1
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Anti-counterfeiting variable data inkjet printer-X1
Product Oerview
Model X1 is very popular with our customers because of its high cost-effective performance. At the same time of its affordable price, the printing speed and precision have reached a high level too. It also can meet the customer requirements. It is the first recommendation of our sales team submitted to the customers.
X1 is suitable for both roll to roll and sheet-fed inkjet printing, with its printing speed up to 150m/min. and the printing definition up to 600dpi*1200dpi. The printing effect is outstanding and the UV-LED curing quality is excellent.
X1 model is widely applied to many industries for the variable data printing on label, flexible packaging, film, plastic, card and sheet, such as variable one-dimension code of GS1 DataBar/RSS, compound barcode, and electronic monitoring code, variable two-dimension code of QR code, DATAMATRIX, Chinese character code and atomic code, identification code of picture, word and number, and so on.
We are dedicated to tailor-made our customers, to provide you with economically feasible variable data inkjet printing solutions, and help your business to a new expansion.

Product Features
? High cost performance, economical and practical.
? High printing precision and high printing quality.
? Resolution: 600*300dpi, speed: 150m/min.
? Resolution: 600*400dpi, speed: 100m/min.
? Resolution: 600*600dpi, speed: 60m/min.
? Simple installation and easy operation.
? Negative pressure for ink control, positive pressure for nozzle cleaning.
? Reconfiguration of hardware and software according to customer requirements.
? Widely compatible. Can be installed in customer current production line, or can be configured by AROJET along with the printing system.

Product Applications
● Can be installed online in the platforms as below:
◇ Polishing and coating equipment
◇ Slicing and slitting machine
◇ Inspection machine
◇ Flexo printing press
◇ Bagging machine
◇ Label printing press
◇ Paging machine
◇ Bagging machine
◇ Paper box slotting machine
◇ Paste box machine

● Can be applied to a wide range of industries as below:
◇ Label, flexible packaging
◇ Plastic, film
◇ Card, nameplate,board material
◇ Barcodes, QR codes, variable graphics and characters
◇ Food, beverage and wine
◇ Medicine, drug and health care product
Print Head
AROJET X1 model uses RICOH GEN 5 piezoelectric print head with variable ink droplet printing. The ink droplet is 7pl minimum and 35pl Maximum, which can reach photographic precision. The nozzle is an all-steel material and is not easy corroded and blocked. It can intelligently avoids blank printing, greatly saving ink. The nozzle has a long service life of 150 billion actuations. Human friendly design enables it to print many materials of different thickness. The print head can achieve perfect seamless stitches with tolerance less than 0.5mm.
Model X1 has a stable and reliable quality, brings you high-efficient and high quality inkjet printing service.

Printing Software

MagicData is professional software designed and developed for industrial inkjet printing applications. It offers fast RIP speed, reliable & efficient job printing production, and streamlined workflow. Users can easily obtain smooth gradient, vivid images and sharp small size text with its advanced RIP technology.
Model X1 in which MagicData software is adopted brings the customers with much wider and more flexible range of printing choice, to achieve high quality and high efficient printing production.
※ Object template
※ Ink estimation
※ Intuitive preview

Printing Ink
AROJET inkjet printing machines use greens environmental-protective UV ink, which do not contain VOC (volatile organic compounds)substances, The UV ink which printed on the materials can achieve fast drying through AROJET patent-designed UV-LED curing water cooling system, which makes the printing high-adhesive, anti-scratching, friction-resistant and alcohol-resistant. It is widely used in variable inkjet coding on different materials of different thickness.
Model X1 adopts single-color UV ink for printing. Thanks to the stable inkjet quality and outstanding inkjet printing effect, it has been highly praised by many of our customers. We regularly update ink SGS reports and review the MSDS reports of the ink material.
※ Greens and environmental-protective
※ Quick drying and high adhesion
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