Hot-sell pvc label oven for custom world cup keychain

Hot-sell pvc label oven for custom world cup keychain
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Hot-sell PVC label oven, for custom world cup keychain

PVC oven patches

Main features:

1. Easy-operation and manpower-saving

Baking molds by operating the interface of the integrated machine. According to the actual conditions, the baking time can be adjusted and the temperature can be preheated in advance, in addition, the mold is cooled automatically.

2. Intelligent cooling system:

Cooled by the water pump apray water circulation in the cooling area, so the water will not splash into the production area.

3.Stable temperature control:

The upper temperature is heated by vacuum heating tube, and the down temperature is by heating tube, which is stable in temperature and energy-saving.

4.Stable Frame

The frame adopts the square-pass profile welding structure and the sheet metal is painted.

5.High-quality material:

The cooling groove is made of the 1.5t stainless steel plate and uneasy to rust.


It applies to PVC productions baking. You can just set the machine in advance and put the dispensed mold into the machine and it will operate.
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