High speed variable data inkjet printer-X6

High speed variable data inkjet printer-X6
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May 13, 2019
High speed UV variable data inkjet printer-X6
Product Oerview
AROJET X6 high-speed variable data UV digital printing machine, is suitable for roll to roll printing and printing of flexible packaging. Its nozzle frequency is 50KHZ with printing speed up to 300m/min. The printing qualified rate can be up to 99.9% with high definition and high precision.
The patented-designed printing data algorithm improves the nozzle efficiency. The ink data optimization algorithm can reduce the ink loss, save production costs. Precise and seamless printing stitching makes printing effect more perfect. Integrated board and modular structure designs make modules expanding more convenient and maintenance simpler.
Highlighting speed and highlighting quality, X6 brings more efficient and quality production for customers.

Product Features

? High-speed printing with printing speed up to 300m/min.
? Keeping printing blackness.
? Resolution:600x300dpi,speed:300m/min.
? Resolution:600x400dpi,speed:240m/min.
? Resolution:600x600dpi,speed:200m/min.
? Resolution:600x800dpi,speed:160m/min.
? Resolution:600x1200dpi,speed:100m/min.
? The nozzle has high utilization rate and low ink loss.
? High printing definition and precision, perfect printing effect
? Gigabit network data transmission. Transmission efficiency is high and more stable.
? High-intensity heating of UV-LED lamp makes the ink fast curing and drying.
? Negative pressure for ink control and positive pressure for nozzle cleaning, make the ink jetting smoothly, the ink road unblock and easy to clean.
? Integrated modular board and structure designs for convenient module expansion and simple maintenance.

Product Applications

● Can be installed online in the platform as below:
◇ High-speed full rotary label printing machine
◇ Automatic inspection machine
◇ High-speed slicing slitting machine
◇ High-speed flexographic press
◇ High-speed gravure press
◇ Polishing and coating machine
◇ Paging machine

● Can be applied to a wide range of industries as below:
◇ Film, flexible packaging
◇ Label, plastic
◇ QR code, barcode, drug regulatory code
◇ Textile and clothing
◇ Electronics and hardware
◇ Food and beverage
◇ Medicines and health products

Print Head

X6 high-speed industrial digital inkjet printer, is equipped with high-quality piezoelectric print head using Japan RICOH print head which has long service life. It has stable printing effect with high precision and high definition.
X6 features high-speed printing with printing speed up to 300m/min. At 600*600dpi high resolution the printing speed can reach 200m/min. It uses negative pressure for ink control which ensure the nozzle unblocked. The positive pressure cleaning makes the daily maintenance much easier.
X6 patent-designed print head has higher utilization rate and lower ink loss. It can satisfy customers for high-quality and high-efficiency production requirements.

Printing Software

AROJET patent-designed MagicData printing software is applied to model X6 high-speed single-color variable data inkjet printing. It supports a lot of content formats, such as variable data graphics BMP format, barcode, QR code text format (Chinese characters, English characters, numbers, special symbols), regulatory code, anti-counterfeit code, graphical text, etc. MagicData’s features include template management, layout design,parameter adjustment, data merging and splitting, output preview, record queries, template modification, etc.
MagicData software for X6 simplifies and streamlines a wide range of printing applications, such as label, flexible packaging, plastic, film, QR code, barcode, etc. It can satisfy different customers with different requirements.

Printing Ink

AROJET industrial inkjet printer uses several kinds of UV ink which feature solvent-free, fast drying, good glossy, water-resistant, solvent-resistant and good wear-resistance. UV ink has now become a more mature ink technology. Its pollution emissions are almost zero with no any harm to human health.
X6 uses single color UV ink, different materials use different ink to meet customer different requirements.
※ UV ink does not block the mesh holes, suitable for fine products printing.
※ UV ink is instant drying, highly improving the production efficiency.
※ UV ink is non-poisonous and Eco-friendly.