Inkjet Ultra speed variable data printer-X9

Inkjet Ultra speed variable data printer-X9
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Inkjet Ultra speed variable data printer-X9
Product Oerview

X9 model, AROJET latest ultra-high speed industrial digital variable data UV inkjet printing system, was designed and developed using state-of-art high technology. It is suitable for the roll to roll printing of flexible packaging, label, plastic, film, etc. The printing speed can reach 350m/min.
With the printing resolution up to 1200*1200dpi and qualified scanning rate up to 99.9%. It can be applied to the inkjet printing of variable QR code, barcode, serial No, date code, variable image, character and number in a variety of industries.
With the accurate negative pressure ink control and constant ink heating technology, X9 inkjet system keeps smooth and non-blocking ink road, to ensure the high definition and high precision, and to satisfy customers with high efficiency and high quality inkjet printing solutions.

roduct Features

? Ultra-high speed printing with high quality.
? Resolution: 600*600dpi, speed: 200m/min.
? Resolution: 600*450dpi, speed: 280m/min.
? Resolution: 600*400dpi, speed: 300m/min.
? RICOH customized print head, with long service life.
? 24*7 hours running without interruption to realize high-efficient production.
? Software template technology, with seamless printing. Stitching error no less than 0.5mm .
? The minimum character height printed is 1mm.
? Equipped with AROJET self-developed UV-LED curing water-cooling system, to achieve instantly fast drying and reduction of the post-processing time.
? Can both be installed in customer’s production line and be self-equipped platform

Product Applications

● Can be installed online in the platforms as below:
◇ High-speed flexographic press
◇ High-speed full rotary label printing machine
◇ High-speed gravure press
◇ Automatic inspection machine
◇ High-speed slicing & slitting machine
◇ Varnishing and laminating machine
◇ Paging machine

● Can be applied to a wide range of industries as below:
◇ Label, flexible packaging
◇ Film & plastics, including PVC, PET, OPP, BOPP, etc.
◇ Two-dimension code, barcode, serial No., date code, etc.
◇ Textile and clothing
◇ Electronics, hardware and daily chemicals.
◇ Food, beverage and wine
◇ Medicine, drug and health product

Print Head

Ultra-speed X9 model uses customized RICOH industrial piezoelectric printhead, which is in all stainless steel material. It is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant and has long service life. The printhead adopts advanced variable ink droplet technology, with the ink droplet range of 7pl, 14pl and 21pl.

The strong nozzle compensation function makes the output image more accurate, more hierarchical and more uniform. Variable single and double rows can be printed quickly or slowly.

With the intelligent white skipping function, X9 RICOH printhead can identify the blank area automatically, saving ink and improving production efficiency. The automatic flash function keeps the nozzles in good working condition, and makes the machine achieve high efficient and high quality production.

Printing Software

MagicData software is used for AROJET series inkjet printer. It offers user-friendly interface to interactively control the printer, monitor printer status and set printer options.
※ Easy to monitor and control printer and job status with instant feedback.
※ Support multiple print modes management.
※ Directly add job to printer and set job properties.
※ Precise compensation algorithm for printhead physical position error.
※ UV-LED lamp setting.
※ Support the third party RIP software.

Printing Ink

X9 ultra-high speed inkjet printing machine uses new type of UV ink. Compared with ordinary ink, UV ink has a great improvement in printing adaptability and printing quality. As UV ink is 100% solid substance, no volatile solvent included, the ink adhesion will not change with the change of environment conditions, therefore the quality is exactly the same. Instant drying after printing keeps the products clean and save time and energy. UV ink has become a mature ink technology. It is applied to many industries for inkjet printing, providing enterprises with new business development directions.
UV ink has become a mature ink technology. It is applied to many industries for inkjet printing, providing enterprises with new business development directions.
※ No VOC substance involved, 100% environmental-friendly.
※ Fast curing, wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance.
※ No hurt to printing substrate.
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