Dredging Single Suction Cantilever Pump

Dredging Single Suction Cantilever Pump
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WN(Q)dredging pump is a kind of highly effective wear-resistant marine dredging pump,which is based on absorption of abroad technology. WN(Q) dredging pump meets the comprehensive dredging requirement at home and abroad.

Overall structure performance well in marine use:

Simple and reliable structure:200WN-500WN and 600WNQ-1000WNQ type dredge pump with a single pump casing or double pump casing,single stage, single suction,cantilever,horizontal structure. According to the connection type with the gear box,there are two kinds of typical structures,one is with independent support, the other is combined with gear box. The lubrication of pump with support is grease lubrication or thin oil lubrication. T he double casing design can make the pump body safe even when the liner is worn out. Easy to disassemble and maintenance:WN type dredging pump can be disassembled from front. T his make the disassemble and maintenance easier.
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