Gypsum Cornice Production Line

Gypsum Cornice Production Line
17th, NanYan Road Economical and Technological Development Zone, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei, China
Category:Other Construction Material Making Machinery


Product Description

1. Capacity: 2000pcs/8h-10000pcs/8h

2. Automatic level: high automatic.

3. Raw material: natural gypsum powder, mesh, fiber-glass, water, addtives

4. Installation and commission: 2 workers , 15-20 days.
Application of gypsum cornice

Gypsum cornice is a kind of building decoration material for house, maily for indoor ceiling. It can be with various decorative design,which is artistic with cheap price. Except the function of fire-proof, moisture-proof,sound-proof and heat-isolated, gypsum cornice can reach luxurious decoration effect.

Data for gypsum cornice making machine

1. Automatic production line

2. Land area: warehouse design can be adjustable according to clients' situation

3. Raw material: construction gypsum powder, mesh, fiber-glass, water, addtive

Gypsum Cornice Make Machine

1. Capacity: 1000-30,000 pcs per day

2. The raw material: Calcined gypsum powder,foaming agent,foaming water,mesh, glass fiber

3. Worker's arrangement:

Working days per year: 300 days

Working hours per shift: 8 hours/shift
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