Mobile Enclosed Type Transformer Oil Treatment Plant With Fully Automatic PLC

Mobile Enclosed Type Transformer Oil Treatment Plant With Fully Automatic PLC
No. 33 Xijiao Road, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, 400050, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Machine Oil Purifier


What can this machine do for you?
1. Removes water, trace water from oil
2. Reduces combustible gases and oxygen
3. Improves oil dielectric values
4. Improves transformer power factor
5. Extends oil service life
6. Extends transformer service life and reliability

1. Advanced double-stage large capacity dehydration and degassing system which adopts large area three-dimensional flash evaporation technique .

2. Widely used for transformers on-site installation or maintenance to fill oil into transformers and circuit breakers under vacuum condition or conduct transformers evacuation operation.

3. High precision oil filtration system, high-quality filtering elements and multi-stage filtration with gradual precision.

4. Equipped with automatic temperature control system, liquid-level control system, defoaming control system, pressure protection system and high quality main components.

5. The machine supports on-line operation without supervision with indicators to show operation status.

6. The machine adopts humanization design with low noise, easy operation, long free-maintenance time and energy saving to lower the operation cost.

7. With electrical control inter-lock design. Vacuum system, oil pump system and heating system are interlocked in control.

8. Equipped with indication for changing filters and automatic stop device for overloaded filters.

9. Equipped with emergency stop for electric leakage and power overload to protect the motor.

10. With phase-sequence, phase lose protection function and safety control for sudden shut-down.

11. Equipped with vacuuming interface for transformer evacuation operation.

12. The oil outlet and inlet can be interchanged.
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