Paperless Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment

Paperless Gypsum Board Production Line Equipment
Jinzhou Industrial Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, 052260, China
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Paperless gypsum board is the fiber gypsum board (or gypsum fiberboard, paperless gypsum board) is a building gypsum powder as the main raw material, all kinds of fiber as a reinforcing material of a new type of building board. Fiber gypsum board is following plaster board made widely used. Again developing a successful new product. Due to the appearance of the omission of the protective cardboard, the range of applications covers the entire range of applications of the plaster. Its overall performance is better than gypsum board, such as 12.5 mm thick fiber gypsum board screw grip force of 600 N / mm2, while the paper is only 100 N / mm2, so the gypsum board has Nails, can hang things, but not paperboard; product cost is slightly larger than the gypsum board, but the investment rate of return is higher than the gypsum board, it is a great potential for the development of new building boards.
In the application, fiberglass board can be used as drywall, wall lining, partition board, tile and brick backplane, prefabricated outer cover, ceiling blocks, floor fire doors and columns, siding and special applications , Such as trailer and boat interior, outdoor thermal insulation finishing system. In the sales market in addition to the common construction industry and users to decorate the market, there are other new markets.
Currently, the market requirements and trends of building wall panels are: high quality (including high fire resistance, moisture resistance, impact resistance), and lower and lower prices. Fiberglass board has a fire, moisture and impact resistance, combined with simple design of high quality wall has a lower price. Therefore, fiberglass board has more potential than other gypsum board.Gypsum board.
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