Single stage back pull out end suction centrifugal pump

Single stage back pull out end suction centrifugal pump
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Warranty:1 year
HTS code:8413709990


IS,IH Single stage back pull-out end suction centrifugal pump

Horizontal single stage end suction back pull out Centrifugal Pump

IS & IH Type Centrifugal Pump is a horizontal single-stage single suction (axial suction) cantilever centrifugal pump. IS pump is suitable for pumping water and other liquid similar to the water below 80 degree Celsius and liquid is without solid particles. IH Pump is suitable to convey corrosive liquids at the temperature of -20 to 120 degree Celsius and the liquid has similar viscosity to water and does not contain solid particles. If the liquid is with solid grain, please inform us to adopt open impeller.

IS Series centrifugal pump is made of cast iron material and IH Series centrifugal pump is made of stainless steel material.

Performance : (50HZ or 60HZ)

Flow is up to 1200m3/h

Head is up to 180m


Temperature up to 120Deg C

Diameter :up to 400mm

Pressure up to 25bar

Horizontal End Suction Centrifugal Pump Construction:

Design Standard: GB , DIN24255

Flange Standard: GB , DIN2501 , ISO7005.2

Impeller Type: Closed, Semi-open, Open, Vortex

Seal Type: Mechanical Seal or Gland Packing

Pump Features:

1. Its performance and dimensions meet European Standard BS EN733/DIN24255

2. Back-pull-out design, it need not to disassemble pump body and pipelines when check and maintain the pump.

3. All the models only use 3 kinds of pump shafts and bearing cover to make parts exchangeable.

4. Impeller is optimized designed, inlet is enlarged, no whirlpool, deduct the water pump NPSH efficiently, which makes pump work stable with little noise.

5. Casing and casing cover use wearing neck ring structure, which makes pump easy to maintain, makes parts work longer. The replaceable seal ring, makes pump work efficiently in a long time

Pump Construction :

1. Non-self-priming, single stage, single suction, horizontal, axial suction and radical discharge, pump body is fixed by base.

2. Use bearing cradle, which can orientate bearing, prevent from radical vibration, improve the rigidity of rotary part.

3. Compacted shaft, use deep grove grease lubricated roller bearing

4. Connect pump and motor with semi-flexible coupling

5. Use standard wearable mechanical seal.

6. TEFC motor, its size complies to IEC standard, installation type B3.

IS & IH Centrifugal pump can be used for the following services in the Commercial, Residential, Agricultural, Industrial, Process, Petroleum and Food & Beverage industries:

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Fire Protection,Plumbing,Circulating,Transfer,Irrigation,Drainage,Pressure Boosting, Cooling Towers, Water Treatment & Supply etc.
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