Pipe Making Machine Welded Steel Tube Mill

Pipe Making Machine Welded Steel Tube Mill
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Pipe Making Machine Welded Steel Tube Mill Manufacturer
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I. The technical flow of the production line 
{SteelTape} → Hydraulic Single Mandrel Uncloier → Automatic Butt Shear & Welder →Spiral Accumulator → Forming section(Flattening unit +Main driving unit +Forming unit +Guide unit +High frequency induction welding unit +squeeze roller)→Remove inner burr device → Zinc Patching→Cooling unit → Sizing Section and straightener → Cutting Saw → Run-out table
II. Basic conditions: 
1. Production Capacity
Round Pipe 38mm - 127mm
Square & Rectangular 30*30 - 100*100(120*80)mm
Wall Thickness 1.0 - 4.0mm (Round Pipe); 
1.0 - 3.0mm(Square Pipe)
Speed Max.80mm
Pipe Length 6m - 12m
2.Steel Strip Specification
Material Low Carbon Steel,Q345, Q235, Q195
Coil I.D. 460 - 510MM
Coil O.D. Max. 1800mm
Strip Width 120mm - 400mm
Strip Thickness 1.0mm - 4.0mm
Max. Weight 4000kgs
3. Electricity
Dynamic power: 380V, 3 phases, 50Hz (Depending On Local)
Control Power: 220V, one phase, 50 Hz
4. Solid State High Frequency Welder: 300Kw
5. Electric installed capacity: Approx. 600KW
6. Cooling Water
Reservoir for High Frequency equipment: 30m³, one set
Reservoir for circulating cooling water: 30m³, one set
7. Compressed Air
Pressure 0.5MPA
Flow 0.8m3/hour
8. Line Speed: Max.80m/min
9. Size of Whole Line: 70m X 6m (Length X Width)
We always design and make each line according to each customer's specific requirements, so each customer can buy his own well-content line from us. 
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