Steel Square Tube Pipe Making Machinery Tube Mill Made in China 300X300mm

Steel Square Tube Pipe Making Machinery Tube Mill Made in China 300X300mm
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Mild Steel Square Tube Pipe Making Machinery Tube Mill Made in China 300x300mm
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Directly Forming to Square Tube Mill, 300x300mm
Key words:
Tube mill 300x300; Round to Square; Square to square; Direct Square Mill
The square or rectangular shaping is formed out before the tube welding, with important advantages in terms of power and material cost reduction.
1) Compare with round into square & rectangle forming way, this way is better for the shape at the edge of cross section, comparatively, semidiameter of inner rac is small, and the brim is flat, the side is regular, perfect shape of tube
2) And the whole line load is low, especially the sizing parts.
3) The width of steel strip is small about 2.4-3% than round into square & rectangular, it can save the consume of raw material.
4) It adopts the multi-point bending way, avoid the axial force and side abrasion, reduce the forming step while ensure the quality, meanwhile it reduce the power wastage and roller abrasion.
5) It adopts the combined type roller on the most of the stands, it realizes that one set of roller can produce all the sizes of Square & Rectangular Pipe with different specification, it decrease the store of roller, low the cost about 80% on roller, Fast the bankroll turnover, short the time one new product design.
6) All the Rollers are common shares, no need to replace the Rollers when change pipe size, just adjusting the Position of Rollers by Motor or PLC, and realized the full automatic control; It greatly reduces the Roll changing time, reduces the labor force, improves the production efficiency.
Technological Flow:
Strip coil→ Uncoiling →Coil peeler → Pinch & Leveling →Shearing and butt welding → Accumulator → Forming → Welding → Bead remover →Water cooling →Sizing → Turks head → Flying saw cutting → Tube collecting.
Basic Parameter of the Tube Mill LW1200 (300x300mm):
Square Tube 100 x 100 - 300 x 300 mm
Rectangular Tube 120 x 100 - 400 x 200 mm
Wall thickness 4.0 mm - 12.0 mm
Tube length 6.0 m - 12.0 m
Line Speed Max. 35 m/min
Welding Method Solid State High Frequency Welding
Forming Method Directly Forming to Square and Rectangular

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