High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Plant, Insulating Liquids Filter Machine

High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Plant, Insulating Liquids Filter Machine
No. 33 Xijiao Road, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, 400050, China
Warranty:1 year
Category:Machine Oil Purifier


It is widely used in oil purification,vacuum drying and oil filling machine during installation and maintenance of various transformer. Compared with single-stage vacuum oil filtration machine, this machine adds Roots pump system, secondary high vacuum separation system and three-dimensional flash rapid evaporation system. With functions of dehydration, degassing, de-acetylene, de-acidification value, removing the free carbon, and improve the breakdown value(BDV) of transformer oil.

The double stage transformer oil purifier with vacuum separation, precise filtration, molecular adsorption, vacuum drying, spiral spray atomization separation, molecular adsorption and vacuum drying principle to remove moisture, gas, impurities, free carbon, acid value, transformer oil acetylene(C2H2 gas), etc., oil treated can reach the requirement and reuse.

This is double stage transformer oil purifier, with higher vacuum than single stage, the higher vacuum separation system, three-dimensional separation column system, emergency rapid flash evaporation technology, it can dewater, degass and remove impurities faster, more thorough, improve the transformer oil breakdown voltage more. Also it is available as an independent vacuum drying unit and oil refilling machine for transformer.

1.Outdoor use with roof,close/open ventilation window,skid basic mounted,enough lifting hook.

2. To remove free, soluble water, carbon, free and dissolved gases and particulate matters, dust from insulating oil effectively and rapidly.

3. Enhance the value of breakdown voltage greatly.

4. Easy handling and maintenance.

5. Inject oil into the transformers online.

6. Automatic reverse-washing system will extend the lifetime of filters and improve the performance of the filters.

7. High performance security system including pressure protection device and automatic temperature controller makes purifier operate safely.
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