Customized Cold Saw Steel Tube Cutting Machine

Customized Cold Saw Steel Tube Cutting Machine
NO.399 Tiyu Street, Shijiazhuang, China
Category:Pipe Cutting Machine


Customized Cold Saw steel Tube Cutting Machine:

l Auto control(Manual control is also available)

l SMOOTH and FLAT tube end

l Length tolerance: ±0.5mm

l Friendly HMI

l Siemens servo system

l Stable and reliable

l Quiet, higher safety

l large LCD touch screen.

l High speed and high precision cutting.

l Excellent cutting edge,no burrs & save product costs

Model NO. Steel pipe diameter (mm) Steel pipe thickness (mm) Max speed (M/min)
Φ25 Φ6-30 0.3-2.0 120
Φ32 Φ8-38 0.3-2.0 120
Φ50 Φ20-63.5 0.6-2.5 100
Φ76 Φ25-76 0.8-3.0 100
Φ89 Φ25-105 0.8-4.0 80
Φ114 Φ50-130 1.2-5.0 60
Φ165 Φ80-165 2.0-6.0 60
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