Automatic Packing Machine

Automatic Packing Machine
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The pipes are transported to the packing area by the run-out table:

1.Pipes turning to packing machine:

The pipes will be turned to the packing machine chain transportation device by the pipe turning device and then moved to the pipe counting position;

2.Pipe counting and stacking:

The system has the set program that how many pieces of pipes will needed in a bundle for different sizes,then the system will send order to the machine counting and accumulating the pipes layer by layer until enough pipes are collected;the pipe collecting device will go down the height of one layer when one layer of pipes are collected and pushed to the collecting device;there is also one end alignment device at one end;

3.Bundle transportation:

The whole bundle of pipes will be moved to the bundling position by the transporting car,then the collecting device will return to the collecting position waiting for a new bundle;

4.Automatic strapping device:

The hanging automatic bundling device will work as the set bundling belt position requirement step by step; the progress are: the bundling machine will move down to the bundling position and contact the top layer of pipes, the belt guiding channel will close, the bundling head will send out the belt, connecting the belt end, then tightening the belt , buckling and then cut the belt; after that the belt guiding channel will open, the bundling head will return to the original position and preparing the next bundling;

The bundled pipes will be transported to the storing position by the storing chain transporting device, the transporting car will return and waiting for the next bundle;


The storing area will store three bundles and will be moved to the finished pipes area by the crane;

Cycling : the whole process will be controlled by the industrial PLC automatically, also has the function of manual and automatic control to guarantee the continuous production and working durability.
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