API Pipe Mill/ Oil/Gas Welded Pipe Machine

API Pipe Mill/ Oil/Gas Welded Pipe Machine
NO.399 Tiyu Street, Shijiazhuang, China
Category:Pipe Making Machinery
Product description:

The oil, natural gas steel pipe production line produce the delivery pipe and petroleum drive pipe etc conforming to standard of API-5L, API-5CT, ASTM A53 Grade A&B, also used in boiled and heat transfer. etc high-pressured transportation pipelines

We absorbed the international advanced technology of tube making, adopting FFX and cage roll forming etc flexible formation technology , which made CAD system apply to deformation process of welded pipe which analysis and research the distortion control craft of high grade steel pipe ,also coordinated with high-performance welding machine to solve better the forming and welding defects that provide the welded pipe products of .high grade & high added-value for users.

Technical Procedures:

Coil loading→Uncoiling→Strip threading & levelling machine→Shearing & Welding→Accumulating→Forming→HF welding→Inner & Outer de-burring→Weld annealing→Air Cooling→Water cooling→Eddy current tes→Fine sizing→Turk straightening→Pipe Marking→Flying cut off→Run out table→Straightening machine→End facing→Run out table→Hydrostatic testing→Run out table→Packaging→storing.


High precision, High speed

Rolling forming, Cage forming, FFX forming technology

Quick change rollers systems

Save time and labor

Save cost on rollers

Combined roller technology

Motor drives individually technology

Welded tube meets API-5L,API-5CT standard

Welding seam tracking and Welding quality control technology
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