INCUBATOR CH-W8 Analyzer- Antibiotics/Inhibitors Tester

INCUBATOR CH-W8 Analyzer- Antibiotics/Inhibitors Tester
Todor Kableshkov 9, Belovo, Pazardzhik, 4470, Bulgaria
Warranty:1 year
Category:Other Analysis Instruments
Product Description

We are pleased to introduce our new product- System for detection of inhibitors and antibiotics in animal milk(blockheater)Eclipse, Twinsensor or similar kits.Device is suitable for installation in milk collecting centers or milk transportation vehicle.We recommend using of our blockheater wich is developed to fit the shape and bottom surface of the micro-wells of diferent kind of antibiotic and inhibitor test.

Milkotester dry incubator model CH-W8 is very simple to use device for detection on
antibiotics in raw milk. For safe and dependable operation, please follow the
instructions in this manual when operating:
• Verify that the input voltage on the AC Adapter and the plug type
matches the local AC power supply.
• The incubator placed on a firm surface.
• Disconnect the thermostatic device from the power supply when
cleaning it.
• Service should be performed by authorized personnel only.

Application: incubating antibiotic test for raw milk

Compatible test: tube Charm

Time range: 0 to 600 min.

Temperature range: 30° C to 80°C

Mode 1 or Mode 2

Temperature : 47° C
 Timer 1: 2min. / Timer 1: 3min.

Temperature : 47° C
 Timer 2: 3min. / Timer 2: 2min.

Number of wells: 8

Electrical parameters:

Switching adapter:
Input 100-240 V~1.6A max , 50~60 Hz
12V ~24V

Dimensions ( W x L x H)160 x 90 x 80 mm

Weight: 1.005 kg

Cover Box material: Stainless steel
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