Positive and negative pressure membrane press machine-TM-3000F

Positive and negative pressure membrane press machine-TM-3000F
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1. Fast speed: the working period of ordinary workpiece is less than 2 minutes after it enters the main machine, which is 2-4 times of the efficiency of common positive and negative pressure membrane pressure equipment.

2. Good effect: the product processed by common film has clear groove, no open side, bubbling, no color difference, and high light working surface has strong adhesion, and the effect reaches the international leading level.

3. Low energy consumption: the total power of the machine is 18KW, which is one half of that of the peer equipment; The main heating starting power is 15KW, and the average power consumption is 8KW/h.

4. High configuration: the key part of the machine adopts original parts from Germany, Japan and Taiwan, which is high configuration and stable performance.

Equipment maintenance

every 3-6 months, the vacuum pump changes oil once, and the filter is cleaned every 15 working days;

How it works

This machine adopts human-computer interface, easy to understand and operate, automatic double-station machine

v workbench rise up

v add hydraulic pressure

v warming

v Vacuum negative pressure

v punch positive pressure

v unloading positive pressure

v unloading negative pressure

v unloading hydraulic

v Workbench descend

v Flipped board sucking sample up

this process is automatically completed by one-click!

Silicone plate life

The silicone plate is imported from Korea and can be used for 3-4 months (about 1000 hours) and can be repaired. (This accessory is not covered by the warranty)

Energy consumption

The main heating starting power is 38KW, and the average power consumption is 13KW/h.

Dimensions 13200mm*2480mm*2150mm

Total weight 14T

working period about 120 seconds after it enters the main machine


1. In order to ensure that the demander can use the equipment normally, the warranty period is one year, except for consumables (pressure buckle, gas strut). The supplier will provide free warranty service during the warranty period, non warranty period provide free consultation and troubleshooting for repair, maintenance. The warranty period is calculated from the day when the equipment is shipped.

2. The warranty does not include: damage caused by man-made and natural disasters. (such as fire, flood, earthquake)

3. If the equipment occurs error, The supplier shall provide free qualified parts and maintenance during the warranty period; outside the warranty period, the supplier shall provide the demand at a preferential price for a long time. The cost incurred by the supplier for maintenance shall be settled by both parties through negotiation

4. The supplier shall provide technical support to the demander to install and debug the equipment, and train the demander's personnel in practical operation, processing and maintenance.

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