TM-2580B PVC Veneer Vacuum Membrane Laminating Press Machine

TM-2580B PVC Veneer Vacuum Membrane Laminating Press Machine
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Jun 18, 2019
PVC Veneer Vacuum Membrane Laminating Press Machine


It is used to work various high-profile PVC, hot transfer and single veneer

All kinds of PVC workpieces processed by this machine stick firmly, do not bounce off the edge.Line of groove is clear and in place.


The operating system adopts imported brand PLC control, which is convenient to control, advanced technology and high automation.

Household electrical appliances used in electrical system contactor use imported components, low fault rate.

The main engine of the hydraulic system USES Taiwan system, the motor and the oil pump USES Taiwan KOMPASS, the hydraulic system principle is the board type interpolation, the international advanced structure, the fault rate is low, the large flow, the pressure is rapid, effectively improves the production efficiency.

Equipment is added wrinkle resistant PVC, greatly improve the yield of the product, higher than that of normal pressure yield of 15-20 ℅.

Upgrade improvements

u The walking guide is made in Taiwan, and the workbench walks more smoothly.

u The racks are all sandblasted to enhance corrosion resistance.

u The lifting balance system is easy to adjust, and the rise and fall are more stable.

u Hydraulic system oil port improvement and maintenance is more convenient.

u The aluminum frame is processed by one body, and no weld seam increases the strength.