PVC Door Making Vacuum Membrane Press Machine TM2480B

PVC Door Making Vacuum Membrane Press Machine TM2480B
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TM2480B PVC door making vacuum membrane press machine


Various PVC film can be pasted on furniture, cabinets, acoustics, process doors, decoration wallboard, etc., can be used for heat transfer film and veneer after the installation of silicone plate.


The electrical control part adopts digital display automatic diabolo, the electrical control part selects the well-known domestic brand, the failure rate bottom.Microcomputer temperature controller can automatically collect and send the temperature change speed to adjust the heating temperature so as to control the temperature accurately.

Use far infrared radiation system heating, heating uniform, high quality insulation materials, energy saving.

Use integrated walking motor, motor, reducer integrated, low noise, low fault rate.

The machine is standard equipped with new series of 2X vacuum pumps, good stability and easy to maintain.(can be equipped with vacuum pump imported from Germany with strong power and low failure rate)

Large capacity vacuum tank, double air passage, big explosive power absorbing.
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