Visual Reversing Ultrasonic Blind Spot Detection System

Visual Reversing Ultrasonic Blind Spot Detection System
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Category:Car Reversing Aid
STONKAMĀ® universal Ultrasonic Blind Spot Detection Kit supports 6/12 channels radar detection and 5 meters (16.4ft) detection distance. It achieves real-time display of the obstacle distance on the monitor.

1. The control box can support 4-12 PCS detecting sensors, and the universal STONKAMĀ® radar detection system supports 6 / 12 channels radar detection (Contact for details)

2. Front / rear sensor detecting range: 0.60~5.00m (1.97ft --- 16.4ft), side sensor detecting range: 0.60~3.00m (1.97ft --- 9.8ft)

3. Automatically compatible with PAL and NTSC standard definition video input and output

4. Real-time display of the obstacle distance

5. Up to 4 alarm zones can be divided, which can also be divided according to your actual use requirements

6. 10-32V trigger input

7. Trigger output function can start the alarm light or the alarm

8. External buzzer alarm is available

9. Comes with a 7 inch monitor and a waterproof camera; contact for other packages.
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