Gypsum Board Manufacturing Machine Company

Gypsum Board  Manufacturing Machine Company
Circle Economy Industrial Zone(North of Dongzicheng Village)Jinzhoushi, China
Category:Other Construction Material Making Machinery


Dimension of gypsum board:
Thickness: 7mm-22mm
width: 1200mm or 1220mm
length: 1800mm~3600mm
Types of Gypsum Board
a) Common paper surface gypsum board
b) Fireproof paper surface gypsum board (H)
c) Waterproof paper surface gypsum board (S)
Advantages of Gypsum Board
1) Product quality: product quality is priority to the international standard GB/T9775-1999 (equal to European Standard).
2) The gypsum board which produced by the gypsum board production line is heat-resistant, fire-resistant, insulated, light, nonpoisonous, little pollution, adjusting the humidity of the room.
Main systems of gypsum board production line:
1. Paper Supply System; 2. Gypsum Powder Supply System; 3. Water Supply System;
4. Foaming System; 5. Forming System; 6. Conveying System;
7. Drying System; 8. Heating System; 9. Size Fixing System;
10. Dust Removal System; 11. Sealing System; 12. Control System
our advantage
1) our machine produced the gypsum board quality can same good with knauf board.
But the line price is very low than them
2) our machine is can removable, when finsihed produce the machine , can install in our factory and then move and shipping in our here, so it is easily to install on buyer,s site.
3) Some parts ans steels can doing on site, we will using the raw materials doing on buyer,s site, so this will save more charge for shipping for buyers.
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