Calcium Silicate Board Equipment China

Calcium Silicate Board Equipment China
Circle Economy Industrial Zone(North of Dongzicheng Village)Jinzhoushi, China
CategoryOther Construction Material Making Machinery
Design scale
Annual output: 5 million sqm
According to the index, according to the annual production of 300 days, equipment availability to 90% plan, the rate
95% plan, daily output for 5000 M ², with long x width × thick = 2440 x 1220 x 6 mm standards
Board plan, nissan 1800 pieces,
2-2 product specifications
Products: long x width × thick = (2400, 2440) x (1200, 1220) x (4-10) mm
Exterior wall, interior wall, condole top, cinemas, theaters and have special use sound-absorbing board, all sorts of adornment
With the board, central air-conditioning and ventilation with board and so on.
Density: 900-1200kg/m3
this is a new type of building decoration material, which is mainly made from high-grade siliceous materials and lime refractory with the mixture of natural fiber as reinforcing material.
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