Rewind Guide System

Rewind Guide System
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Rewinding Web Guide System:

Rewinding Web Guiding means that different materials are wound up in different mechanical equipment, for example, plastic, film paper, to ensure that the edge is neat during the winding process.

Design and installation precautions: Rewinding alignment is very similar to unwinding, but the installation is quite different. The guiding sensor is integrated with the winding movable frame. When the driver performs the telescopic action, the correcting sensor and the winding movable frame act together; the introduction roller is independently fixed after the edge detecting sensor; if it is a photoelectric sensor, it should be irradiated on the independent fixed guiding roller.

In the case where the method is to roll up the edge of the web, the sensor is fixed to the reel and a fixed reel is placed between the sensor and the reel. You don't have to worry about the snaking of the coils, because the sensor that is fixed with the reel always tracks its edge, so you can align the edges of web.
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