Edge Guide Controller

Edge Guide Controller
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Product Details

The web guiding controller is the heart of the web guide system. PRE Alignment Controllers that comply with CE certification standards can provide the guide control you need to help your production line operate efficiently and efficiently. Combined with appropriate sensors, drivers, and other corrective components, the PRE web aligner provides high accuracy, balanced, closed loop, and highly dynamic servo systems.

The guiding controller takes signals from sensors placed in position on the coil line, processes and amplifies the signals, and supplies them to the actuator; the appropriate output operates the electric drive.

EPC-A10 adopts high-speed 32-bit CPU to drive DC servo motor. It adopts no overshoot integral variable PI adjustment algorithm. It has the characteristics of high precision, reliable performance, convenient installation and simple operation. It can be connected with infrared edge detection sensor and ultrasonic edge detection. All PRE guide series products such as sensors, photoelectric sensors, wide-format sensors, and electric drives. In addition, the EPC-A10 controller can also realize PLC interface function, limit alarm function, reverse stop function, remote manual/automatic switching and other operation functions, support heel, and two working modes.

1. Support edge guide and center guide in two ways

2. Support photoelectric sensor, ultrasonic sensor,

3. Intelligent detection of sensor parameters, no need to calibrate the sensor in most environments

4. Automatic stroke measurement, no mechanical limit switch

5. No overshoot integral variable PI adjustment algorithm, high precision, quick response, less error

6, Ultra-high speed 500 microseconds (0.5 milliseconds) response speed

7. Analog sensor signal 12-bit AD sampling, 700,000 times per second sampling speed

8. Using FIR digital filter, hysteresis filter, anti-interference ability is stronger, the signal is more stable

9. DC servo motor pushes the ball screw

10. All system status parameters power-down memory

11. Storage 10 sets of different material parameters, switching materials is convenient

12. Simplified Chinese / Traditional Chinese / English three language menu operation

13. Humanized operation, fast and easy

14. Support Modbus bus and PLC / human-machine interface network control
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