3 Inch Lug Type Air Expanding Shaft

3 Inch Lug Type Air Expanding Shaft
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Expanding Method: Air Expanding Type
Expanding Element Material: Aluminum/Rubber/Steel Lug
Outer Diameter:74mm-74.5mm(Can be customized as per customers’ demands or drawings)
Inner Diameter of Applicable Tube: 76.2mm(Customers need to inform their CORE ID exactly)
Length: Customized based on drawing
Shaft Body: Steel/Aluminum alloy
Shaft End Material: Steel
Colour: Silver or Brown

Function of Inflatable Shaft:
First--a wide range of applications: Air expanding shaft as an independent design of parts, from 1 inch to 12 inches, the length are determined by the actual needs of the customer, where there are process equipment such as slit printing and rewinding, or the center winding machine, applicable to the inflation shaft.

Second, cost-effective: The inflation shaft is designed for the needs of the actual machine, and can be applied to various types of coils such as thick, thin, wide and narrow.

Third, long use time, simple maintenance: the inflatable shaft is a mechanical accessory, but each part of its own structure has a fixed specification, making it easy to maintain. Our company has strict quality requirements for the various components of the air shaft, and the product quality can be guaranteed.

Use of Air Shafts: The use of the 3inch air expanding shaft is very wide. Any machine with winding, unwinding and slitting can be applied to the pneumatic shaft, even the light metal industry. Such as: the inflation shaft is mainly suitable for printing equipment: drying machine, flexo printing machine, gravure machine, trademark printing machine, etc.; Other machinery: coating machine, leather machine, setting machine, embossing machine, slitting Machine, die cutting machine, rewinding machine, paper tube machine, bag making machine, laminating machine, laminating machine, film blowing machine, foaming machine, laminating machine, embossing machine, paper machine, non-woven machine, The use of cloth inspection machines, bronzing machines, battery equipment and other related mechanical equipment.
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