3 Inch to 8 Inch Air Shaft Adaptor

3 Inch to 8 Inch Air Shaft Adaptor
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Product Details

Name:3” vs 8”Lug Type Air Adaptor
Model: Lug Type
Expanding elements: Rubber Lugs/Aluminum Lugs
Outer Diameter of Adaptor: 200mm(can be customized)
Inner Diameter of Adaptor:75mm-76mm(can be customized)
Adaptor Body: Aluminum/Steel
Cover/Half Ring: Aluminum
Colour: Brown

The 3”(76mm) VS 8”(200mm) pneumatic adapter for air shaft is installed for the shaft diameter 3inch.

With the help of the 3inch air shafts’ expanding,the core adapter can be fixed.

It can be applied & installed any places by the single or double way,even more,just like the pictures as below:


1. Air shaft adapter has lug type,leaf type,external-rubber type,usually for 3’ vs 8” adapter, it is made to Lug type;

2. Inner diameter is Φ76mm,outer diameter is Φ200mm,the length is customized based on customers’ demands;

3. Adopt the high quality aluminum as body material,surface is hard anodized;

4. After expanding,it is equal to 8” air shaft,outer diameter can be 210mm;
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